About Us

For the businesses

We know that running a business has enough challenges for the business owner to manage. By running your own business, we know you have enough on your plates

We asked ourselves, could we help? We thought, Yes. Our answer was SKEDIS. We develop solutions to help large, small and micro business owners build a better customer base and an easy way to find your business and schedule time with your business/services. Better ways to engage the customers is obviously better for the business. As a business owner, you know that, right? Then, let’s join hands and win the customer for you. We would be the business partner that works 24/7 so you don’t have to.

Big or small businesses...we love serving you all. Unlike other booking systems who will charge you based on the number of staff or services you have, we offer you our solution for free to schedule your business availability with prospective customers for a limited period. You can have unlimited services and unlimited clients!

We also know that as your business grows, the more advanced your needs become. That's why the basic system is affordable - free even - and we only charge the more advanced things get

It is our goal to make your business flourish.

Start building your clientele, with us. Now…

For the customers

You need a haircut. You need your teeth cleaned. You need advice on your taxes. You're not going to go to the gym without a trainer, and hey—with all the hassle of calling and finding appointment times, you might need a massage, too.

Appointments. They're the lifeblood of today's service industry—but the process of scheduling (and rescheduling) appointments often drains the life from the people providing those services. Even with a full-time receptionist, the constant back-and-forth with customers is enough to frustrate anyone, not to mention the time it takes away from your core business!

Use Skedis and see the difference

About Skedis

We have a great respect for time. After all, it is the most valuable thing. Spiritually, life is a certain amount of time! To manage the time better for your business, we are bringing you Skedis.

All you want your customer to do is…

show up at the right time

Skedis will be working 24/7 to fill your business availability. Skedis Online scheduling app and marketing tools is your right choice for appointments, classes and workshops

We provide all the mobile tools necessary for you to quickly manage your business appointments. Your dashboard lets you know who’s coming up that day. Accept online bookings through Skedis, mobile optimized booking website and or the mobile app for your customers

Your Clients can manage any appointments, classes or workshops they’ve booked seamlessly using Skedis

  • Easy to Manage

    You don't want to replace your current system with a system that causes you even more hassle! Skedis is feature intuitive with easy-to-book options so you can get started quickly and not spend a lot of time learning your new interface

  • Good User Booking Experience

    Skedis provides a smooth user experience for your customers, too, so they can book appointments at their leisure, without any frustration

  • Flow of Information

    In a service business, there are a lot of moving parts and important pieces of information—reminders, notifications of reschedules, updates to staff schedules, key forms and paperwork… the list goes on. Skedis takes this into account and it is a system for managing your customer appointments efficiently

  • Comprehensiveness

    Finally, Skedis has the power and suite of features necessary to handle everything related to booking appointments for your business, so you don't have to jump back and forth between several different apps